The Montana Del Lago Maintenance Corporation Clubhouse may be reserved for parties by completing the application and supplying two separate checks, sent at least two weeks prior to the event.


  1. Both checks shall be made payable to Montana Del Lago Maintenance Association. The application can be obtained by calling the offices of The Management Trust at (714) 285-2626.
    • Rental Fee: $75.00 – Non-refundable.
  • Security Deposit: $180.00 – Refundable after an inspection is completed, verifying compliance with the guidelines noted herein.
  • Your date is not secured until both checks are received along with the completed application.
  • Please make sure all areas where your signature and/or initials are required for the application to be considered complete.
  • Both checks will be deposited, only one may be returned.
  1. The Clubhouse may only be rented to Montana Del Lago or Cierra Del Lago homeowners and those homeowners (“Event Sponsors”) are responsible for any and all damage that may occur during the event.
  2. Party areas include the Clubhouse & bathroom facilities ONLY. The pool area may not be roped off or in any way separated for exclusive use during the event. At NO TIME shall any other resident or owners be prevented from using the pool and/or spa during the event. Other recreational facilities are not included in the Rental Agreement and all event activities, other than use of the pool or spa by attendees, shall be limited to the upper pool deck. Violation of this rule is subject to loss of deposit and/or a fine.
  3. The maximum occupancy of the facility room is 35 guests.


Prior to the Start of your Event

  1. Please do not distribute flyers throughout the community advertising an upcoming event at the Clubhouse. Any expense incurred by the Association to clean up or remove flyers will be deducted from the Security Deposit.
  2. If you have any trouble accessing the Clubhouse on the day of your event, please call the offices of The Management Trust. If it is after-business hours, please listen to the welcome prompts for being transferred to the after-hours emergency service, and an on-call employee will assist you in contacting the Manager, who will then attempt contact of a member of the Board to provide access.


During Your Event

  1. Decorations may not be secured to any surfaces with staples, tape or tacks or any other type of adhesive which may damage the surface. If any surface is damaged, the cost to repair will be deducted from your Security Deposit, or may result in an assessment or fine levied against your account.
  2. Absolutely no glass items are permitted at any time outside the clubhouse.
  3. Smoking is not permitted in the clubhouse, restrooms, or pool area.
  4. Amplified live bands are not allowed.
  5. Immediately, clean the carpet/flooring and/or any tables used, of any food or spilled liquid (which causes ants, etc.). If stains are noted after an event, any carpet cleaning costs will be deducted from the Security Deposit.
  6. The association refuse containers in the Clubhouse may be used temporarily, but must be emptied of any trash related to the event once the event is completed.
  7. All pool/spa rules are applicable at all times.
  8. Please be considerate with regards to the noise generated by your event. Should it at any time become a nuisance, in which complaints are received by Management, the Board will consider calling the Owner to a hearing for appropriate disciplinary action.


After Your Event

  1. Clean ALL Areas Affected. As dictated by the rental agreement, ALL areas used during the event must be cleaned of any debris, trash, personal items, decorations, etc. by the end of the event prior to the closing of the Clubhouse.
  2. Empty trash containers. All trash must be disposed of off-site immediately after the event or you will be charged a disposal fee and/or a fine may be deducted from your Security Deposit accordingly.
  3. Close and/or lock all windows and doors & lights off. When you leave the Clubhouse, be sure that all windows/doors are tightly closed/locked and lights are turned off.
  4. Please exit quietly. When you exit the Clubhouse and parking lot, be courteous that noise travels, and keep noise to minimal levels out of consideration to the surrounding homes who have a right to quiet enjoyment.
  1. Clubhouse and recreation areas close at 10:00 pm, Sunday through Thursday, and 11:00 pm Friday and Saturday.
  1. Infractions of any of the above rules is cause for a loss of a portion or all of the security deposit and may result in an additional assessment/fine being levied against your account.

Rental Agreement