Living in such condensed quarters comes with a unique set of circumstances. If you are not aware, each unit is individually plumbed, however, each unit’s pipes extends into shared walls and out to the specific area where your individual water meter is located. Because of the complexity of the circumstances, we’ve dedicated a page to explain how these unique circumstances affect all owners responsibilities with regards to exclusive use water lines. Click HERE to learn about plumbing responsibility.
  • Fire – Orange County Fire Authority @911
  • Parking/Pool violations – Patrol Masters @(877) 209-6370 or (877) 648-0602
  • Loud neighbors/Violence/Suspicious activity/Violence – OC Sherriff Non-Emergency@949-770-6011 Emergency @911
  • Maintenance/Non-Emergency Issues/HOA – Management Trust @(714) 285-2626
We understand that with life, comes noise. However, we respectfully request, that each resident and owner understand that due to the condensed nature of the community, that noise should be monitored and contained, specifically once “quiet hours” from x-x are in effect. Please be a respectful neighbor and refrain from loud noises, such as Parties, Loud TV/Music, Construction, etc… during these quiet hours noted.
Board meetings are held on the 4th Wednesday of every month, except when affected by a Holiday. The Agenda will be posted on bulletin board just outside of the main entrance to the pool, listing the date, time, and discussion points of the meeting. All members are welcome to stop by to say hello, give suggestions and/or feedback, or may ask questions during homeowner forum. Please note, when in Executive Session, only those owners invited to Executive Session may attend. View our calendar HERE.
For the safety and comfort of our residents and their pets, the Association has established guidelines and expectations regarding pets. Please click HERE to be directed to and advised of these guidelines. Should you happen to notice a pet safety issue or concern, you are encouraged to call Animal Control at (number) in order to determine if they can assist.
Parking enforcement is done by Patrol Masters by direction of the HOA board. Each household is given one parking permit and must park all other vehicles in the garage or off property. Our parking is labeled “MDL PERMIT ONLY” these spots are for MDL residents and their guests displaying a MDL permit. Vehicles parked in a spot for more than 72hrs is considered stored and subject to towing. MDL do not use safe-lists so please do not contact the property manager to request one for a visitor. Areas by garages and anything marked in Red are fire zones per the OCFA and get immediate towing. If you see a vehicle in a fire lane please call Patrol Masters. The speed limit in our community is 10 MPH, there are children and tight corners, drop the cell phone and watch the road it’s the law. All Parking rules are listed in our rules we suggest you read them in their entirety.