We all live in a web of pipes and wires, that is the mess we have with adjoining walls. We may not see them through the walls but they are there. Here is a little explanation in Layman’s Terms.

First lets talk plumbing types –

  • Supply Lines – These are pressurize lines that supply water to your Hose/Faucet/Shower/Toliet/etc… They are metered at the street by the local water company to see what your home uses and only you. These pipes are generally metal unless re-pipped after the home was built. They are “NOT” common lines, they only service you!
  • Drainage – These are pipes that can be metal/plastic that serve to drain Sinks/Toliets/Showers/etc… These are not metered and drain freely to be recaptured for use as reclaimed water. When these drains leave the Sink/Toliet/Shower/Etc… They are servicing your residence only, but at a certain point they could meetup with a neighbor(s) drains and become common.

Now that we got all that out of the way. Let’s get past the “Supply Lines” as they are yours, they are not common so you maintain and are responsible for them (Enough Said).

Drains on the other hand are tougher nut to crack. If a blockage occurs in your drain and only backs up your sink you need to call the plumber. If there is blockage further down the line, that is common not only will you back up but so will neighbors (Not all but someone that is connected to that common drain). If there is a blockage that is causing backup on multiple residents call the Property Manager to have a plumber called.

Now if a plumber comes out on the HOA’s dime and the blockage is not found in a common drain but one residents drain that resident will be paying for the plumber call. So do some research before making that call as it is cheaper for you to call the plumber than what the HOA gets charged to have a common line cleaned.


So lets get down to the nuts and bolts, both of the Supply Lines and drains weave through your walls and your neighbors, so if there is a leak from either of your Supply or Drains and it causes damage to a neighbor you are responsible. If the damage is cause by a common drain line then of course the HOA would get involved to handle the costs it is responsible for.