What stinks? Oh that is my sink, but why?

Whatever you place down your sink has a chance to cause build up, that build up can start to decompose and cause a really bad smell. The major cause of sink smell is the build of hair, the hair will start to block other things and it just grows from there. Literately grows, the stink and mess gets to the point it of blocking water flow.

Have you ever heard of a P-Trap? 

These traps are filled with water to block the back-flow of smell from our sewage systems much like the reason your toilet filled with water.

Mix that sitting water with your bathroom sink stopper which is notorious for catching hair, and you have a mixture for a mess. Yes you could call a plumber everytime this happens or replace the P-Trap, but that is just wasting money.

All of this can be clean with four simple household things:

If you remove your sick stopper it will more than likely be pink and covered with hair.

You can clean the hair off then soak this stopper in bleach for 15 to 20min and it will clean and sanitized.


Then you can pour 1/2 cup of baking soda down the sink drain followed by 1 cup of Vinegar, This will help break down the gunk in your pipes. At this point you can use your bottle brush to scrub out the first 6 to 8 inches of your pipe where that hair build up makes a mess. 

After waiting about 15min run some real hot water down the drain. If you want you can do the whole baking soda/Vinegar treatment again.

Once you are done, reassemble your stopper and you are good to go for awhile. 

This can be used on bathroom and Kitchen sinks as well as shower/tubs (Note: bottle brush can not be used on ones it will not fit in)